2 Chainz Destroys Taxes on "Rap or Go to the League"

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Musical artist 2 Chainz has dropped his new, 5th studio album by the title of "Rap or Go to the League". Grammy award winner 2 Chainz has been a huge personal inspiration for myself as he often writes about a past lifestyle which can be exited for a better future through the merits of hard work. Sound out of the ordinary for a rapper? Well, it's not. But that's not what we're here to discuss.

The 14th and final track on "Rap Or Go To The League" addresses an issue which every American is familiar with, taxes. On a mellow and smooth instrumental, Chainz nearly sings as he delivers powerful lyrics expressing anguish for high American taxes. Cleverly titled "Sam", the song directly calls out Uncle Sam in the chorus by accusing him of "taking grams out the bag" (a reference to drug dealing, particularly when a dealer gives the buyer less than what was paid for or rightfully due). 

2 Chainz Destroys Taxes on Rap Or Go To The League

Outside of the music industry, 2 Chainz is a wildly successful entrepreneur who seems to never take a break. He once stated that his career changed when he asked Lil Wayne to go clubbing after a joint performance. Wayne declined, as he was heading back to the studio to work even more (after midnight). This motivated Chainz to take his work ethic to the next level, therefor taking his career(s) and success to the next level. Rapping against the government taking away his hard-earned achievements, Chainz wrote "I don't stand in line, got my drive in overdrive, I work overtime, and he take half of mine". 

106 years after the passage of the 16th amendment and Americans are still uneasy over the idea of giving over properly earned income to the federal government. Even rap artist Cardi B posted an anti-tax rant in 2018 where she was extremely angry and essentially yelling at the IRS for "taking so much of (her) damn money". On "Sam", 2 Chainz ceases singing towards the end of the song to speak facts, stating the uncomfortable definition of what a tax is (essentially theft) along with punishments that go along with not complying. He goes on to state, with great dissent, the actual 37% income tax rate that is paid by individuals making over $500,000 per year. 

2 Chainz Destroys Taxes on "Rap Or Go To The League"

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Outside of this anti-tax musical masterpiece, the likes of 2 Chainz and Cardi B (music industry insiders) tend to lean firmly to the left of the political spectrum with giving their support to Democrat candidates. Cardi B has literally worked with and supported Democrat politicians while Chains, who has claimed "I'm not political I'm just practical", has spoken out against Donald Trump and showed support to Democrat politicians from GA and Atlanta. This is quite a large oxymoron, a gigantic oxymoron.

The Democrat Party of today wants to raise taxes heavily, often using Nordic countries as examples of economic paradises, where the tax rates are literally the highest in the world ranging from 40%-60%. These horrific tax rates will come to America if Democrats regain power and implement their socialism. One of the very many problems with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money to pay for all your "free" stuff (see Venezuela). But I think 2 Chainz summed up another huge issue with the Democrat's socialism by singing "They say taxes gonna pay for the plan, I think Sam taking grams out the bag". 

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