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Best Trump & Republican Dog Outfit Costumes For 2020

Who says that puppies can't be political? Do dogs really want the government regulating every aspect of their lives? Telling them when to sit, eat, rollover, lay down.. Oh.. Wait.. We already do that..

Well, how would dogs like it if they knew that certain people want to raise their owners taxes, regulate everything from energy to farming, force their owner out of a good paying job, defund the police who protect them and even take away the ability of self defense through the right to bear arms? I think our dogs would be pretty upset and ready to represent the great U.S.A.

Best Cutest Trump & Republican Dog Outfit Costumes For 2020

President Trump posts an edited picture of himself awarding Conan, the hero who helped track and kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Bagdhadi, with a puppy award honoring his efforts and results.


Impress your friends with this beautiful Trump 2020 dog dress! Pick your favorite color!


Represent the Republican Party as a whole with that powerful elephant image. 


At least when you misgender a dog they don't get offended! Skip the dress and save your male pups from confusion with this bold Trump 2020 shirt.


Looking for something a bit simpler or just for dog walking? We've got you covered with these proud Republican dog harnesses. 


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