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POLITICS: #WhatIThoughtWhenIWas18

The world of politics is extremely multi-factored. Ranging from social issues, fiscal issues, humanitarian, legal and global issues. Each issue contains numerous topics within and a seemingly infinite amount of opinions. So who’s right and who’s wrong and on which subjects? Since the country is essentially split in the middle, shown through consistent changes in power from Democrat to Republican, and Republican to Democrat, is it important to ask which side is moral and which is corrupt? Which side is holy and which is evil?

At the age of 18, I had already been interested in politics for about 3 years. At this time, President Obama was serving the first year of his second term. Originally I never wanted to align with a particular party because I never wanted to feel as though I was conforming. I approached the situation as I was taught to analyze in school, gather all of the facts and attempt an unbiased opinion based on reasoning and conclusions. Only problem, I began bashing others for having different opinions. I started to allow my emotions to grab the wheel and ultimately looked at everyone who disagreed with me as an anti-American, Constitution hating commie who wanted to destroy everything that I knew and loved (yes, I became a Republican). Can you imagine the Facebook debates??

When I was 18 I was closed-minded to almost any opinion from others, but I strongly supported the 1st amendment. When I was 18 I believed that all men and women were created equal and should be treated as so, but I was against gay marriage and early term abortions. When I was 18 I felt very strongly about workers receiving great benefits, rights and pay, but I believed that all unions were actually doing a disservice to the country. When I was 18 I though that all Democrats, whether they had political power or were just a neighbor, had evil intentions and wanted to destroy the United States of America. 

I literally thought that all Democrats wanted to turn the United States into Soviet Russia. Nobody instructed me to think this way and although I see hate in my beliefs looking back, I actually believed that theses were all opinions based out of love at the time.  The main problem, my mind was more closed than your local video renting store. Instead of seeing that somebody who is pro-choice is simply passionate about women rights and freedom, I saw them as somebody who wanted to murder children. Adversely, when a pro-choice individual sees somebody who is pro-life, they may see somebody who hates women rights when in reality the pro-life person might love women so much that they hate to see a young girl aborted. When I was 18, I couldn’t perceive that somebody with an opposite opinion of me was also thinking out of love.

Let’s talk about economics.

Democrats tend to lean towards preferring a socialist style economy in certain aspects while Republicans lean towards capitalism. Given the horrific track record of Socialism and Marxist ideas, including murderous governments and extreme poverty, each and every Democrat favored strong government control and a broken economy in my eyes. You should have seen my face when I realized that this isn’t true. Given the economic freedom of Capitalism, some might believe that Republicans have greedy tendencies and an extreme favor for rich or wealthy individuals. Some would be shocked to know that this is also very far from the truth.

In reality, (and for the most part) most American citizens hold beliefs based on what they think is best for the country and society. There are very few people who are supporting any issue on the grounds of hurting others or hurting the nation. Republicans do not support low taxes in order to favor the rich, but because they believe it is the best way to stimulate an economy and to help everybody from the bottom to the top. Democrats do not want high taxes because they want a dependent society and stagnant economy, but because they believe that increased government funding can solve more problems for citizens and help a greater number of people. Clearly these are just examples, but from the time I was 18 I’ve been lucky enough to realize that a person’s political party does not define a person’s personality or righteousness.

Let’s be honest, there’s been political corruption on both sides of the aisle in America. We know that there are very bad Christians and extremely moral atheists in our world. One thing that is true of any group of people is that us people are imperfect so we will find sincere mistakes and deliberate wrong doings regardless of where we look. Fortunately for us, a ton of us imperfect people are really great-hearted. Whether they agree with you or not they are most likely doing so out of what they believe is best for a population, rather than damaging. Even Chairman Mao was described as a good person equipped with some heart warming quotes, however his great intentions but poor ideas lead to the death of 45 million people in just 4 years during his “Great Leap Forward”.

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